Monday, January 20, 2014

Cousin Doggie Day Camp

We had a very long week last week.  Vivian has been a very car sick critter.  It seems that Benadryl or Dramamine doesn't seem to help much.  I have nicknamed her the "vomit comet".

Day one - We had some serious togetherness due to a vacuum cleaner
This regal guy kept an eye on everything
and this one had a paw on the cousin
They were telling us that it was dinner time
Miss Katie was totally bored with out her cousins to play with today.
One day Katie pushed my room door open when I had both of my pups in the room with me and Vivian darted out.  I had to tell Katie that "you just released the Kraken". 
We are thankfully home this week and back on our regular walking schedule. 


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